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Course Home Pages
Inside courses, there are two areas on each page with links: the top navigation bar and the course navigation bar below the college banner. The top navigation bar on the top left has links to My Home and Student Help. Other links might also appear at the top of your window (instructors add links for the features they will use in a class). On the top-right side you will see a personalized welcome message with your login name and the current date.
The course navigation bar is specific to each course. The following is an example of what you could see in your class: 
Navigation Toolbar for D2L

Some of D2L features your instructor may include as course navigation bar links are:
Content: may include your course syllabus, reading material, links to websites or homework instructions.
 is where you may submit electronic copies of your homework to your instructor.
Discussion: is where you can post messages or questions to other students or your instructor.
Quizzes: is where you may complete course quizzes or exams.
Classlist: lists all persons in the class, including your instructor and any instructional aides.
Grades: is where you can see your grades on assignments throughout the semester. 
Checklist: This helps to keep you on track with what assignments are due, and turned in. 
View Your Other Classes:
To view a different course that is using the D2L system, click the My Home link at the top left corner then look at the center box called My Courses. You will not see links for all your courses, just for the courses where your instructors is using D2L.  You may not see your couse in D2L, if your just registered (less that 24 hours ago), or the instructor has not opened the course for student access yet.

Course Navigation (Link to YouTube Video)