Brandy Anderson

Thursday - 9:30-10:30, Room 4

How to Use Your iPad in the Classroom: Computational Thinking in Action

Outcomes for the Presentation

Learn the basics of how to use your iPad in the classroom and become inspired to think of new ways to use this technology in your classes. Bring your iPad to this session and learn how to connect your iPad (hardwired and wirelessly) to a projector system in a typical Los Rios classroom. Several useful apps will be discussed and demonstrated. The concept of Computational Thinking will frame our discussion.

How will students benefit?

Students live in a mobile device world. They acquire information and problem solve differently than previous generations. Their approach to learning how systems function and how they find solutions to increasingly complex problems has been greatly leveraged through the power and ubiquity of computing.  This thought process, now referred to as Computational Thinking, will be increasingly valuable to students as they enter the workforce in an increasingly digital and mobile world.

College and Department

Folsom Lake College, Geology


BA at UCSB (Botany)
MS and PhD at University of Vermont (Environmental Soil Chemistry)
Adjunct Geology at FLC since 2005 (occasionally also teach Geology at SCC and CRC)
Full-time day job:  Education Specialist for South Sutter Charter School

Melissa Green,
May 17, 2012, 12:33 PM