Claire Eberhardt

Friday - 9:30-10:30, Room 4

Creating and Integrating Widgets in D2L (links to presentation)

Outcomes for the Presentation

I will be showing how to create a few customized widgets for D2L and then how to use those widgets to create a more dynamic D2L homepage. I will also discuss how the use of widgets on the D2L homepage can help students not only use D2L more frequently, but be more successful in class as well.

Hopefully, attendees will come away with an understanding of basic custom widgets and a desire to try additional widgets, as well as a desire to reorganize and improve upon their D2L homepage.

How will students benefit?

Custom widgets organized successfully on D2L can improve student use of D2L. It encourages students to log on to D2L and more importantly can be used to provide information and preparation for class. Effective use of D2L can be a specific and intentional learning tool rather than just a place to leave a few documents. Developing widgets that fit the specific needs of the teacher is essential in this process.

College and Department

ARC History Department


Adjunct History Professor. Tech geek. I love teaching and technology and have looked to consistently merge the two.  My emphasis has focused on utilizing technology in order to facilitate student learning while ensuring that the technology used works with the particular teaching style of the instructor.