Daniel B. Wynne

Thursday - 2:45-3:45, Room 4

Online Learning and Assessment: How to Manage and Motivate Learning under the Guise of Assessment

Outcomes for the Presentation

This presentation will address the design and administration of quizzes in D2L or other learning management systems, for use at distance (i.e., web-based learning and/or assessment).

Attendees will become more comfortable adapting to and managing both learning and assessment (quizzing) over the web (distance ed).  Attendees will be provided techniques to (1) focus and enhance students toward learning and (2) diminish any motivation or effectiveness to misuse the remote (distance ed) environment.

Two approaches for designing quizzes will be presented.  One approach (Rapid-Fire Quizzes) will assess knowledge within a quiz environment that hinders the mid-quiz acquisition of knowledge (a.k.a., cheating) .  The other approach (Open-Book Quizzes) motivates students to acquire knowledge while in the assessment environment and resembles a take-home homework.

How will students benefit?

Students benefit from administration of these techniques in two ways:
(1) confidence and self-respect are reinforced by working through a well-designed system that minimizes temptation to deviate from the student-instructor contract.
(2) learning is increased and also focused toward SLOs because Open-Book Quizzes encourage "looking it up", provide time to "look it up", provide feedback based on student-selected answers, and motivate students to re-take quizzes by providing a "best grade is counted" system.

College and Department

Sacramento City College - Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geology


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