Don Reid

Don Reid

Friday - 2:45-3:45, Room 4

Green Office Program at ARC (links to webpage and Prezi)

Outcomes for the Presentation

More awareness of the Green Office Program at ARC ( and more awareness of the freely available tools used to put this effort together: - for free project management (free) - for putting the rough idea in my head into something people can wrap their head around (free) - for creating full featured interactive free websites (free site name, template & hosting) - to help manage and make sense of facebook/twitter/youtube/foursquare and to help spread the word while plugging in to other resources for more ideas. (free)

How will students benefit?

I hope to show that with a little effort, their voices can be heard. With small shifts in 'the-way-things-are' big things can happen. These types of projects start with questions on the status quo.

I hope to show that the Green Office Program idea could be lifted from ARC and applied to another campus or even more widespread across the district, or even to another business in Sacramento. I hope to show how this little idea could realistically get legs and have a huge effect on Sacramento.

College and Department

ARC | Printing Services Department


Don Reid has been the Supervisor of Printing Services at American River College now for almost 15 years. In that time, he has increased access to his department’s services using various technologies. One recent project includes an attempt at consolidating/sharing sustainability efforts at ARC and the District. Join us as we take a look at how one might manage input from a lot of people with very little time and still come up with a product that has participatory buy-in & thereby a broader acceptance.