Dr. Edwin D. Fagin

Thursday - 2:45-3:45, Room 2

Mini-Lectures: Creating Opportunities for Student Success

Outcomes for the Presentation

Mini-Lectures: Creating opportunities for Student Success . This presentation will focus on how to enhance your on ground, hybrid and online courses using Mini-Lectures to increase student success. A brief discussion will review data collected in 2010 as part of a CASSL grant which suggests that this supplementary course material can be used to improve student grades and retention as well as student perceptions. An updated set of data for S2011 will be presented and compared to the 2010 data. You will learn how to record and upload Mini-Lectures you create to your course website.

How will students benefit?

Data continues to suggest that Mini-Lectures provide benefits in the Economics courses I teach (Econ 302 Macro Economics, Econ 304 Micro Economics and Econ 306 Environmental Economics) in terms of higher average scores, lower drop rates, and increased length of time students stay in the course before dropping. This result is found in both online and traditional course formats.

College and Department

CRC Economics/BFS


I was a rock star in my first life. I played for a band called Half Way Home who made CD’s for Geffen records (a pretty major player in the recording industry). We toured the U.S. and Canada. I recorded some music for the Jim Carey Movie, “The Cable Guy)—his biggest flop. I should have been rich and famous.
After the band broke up I went to a local community college (College of the Desert) and started taking classes. Econ was one of the first classes I took. Economics really made sense to me so I just kept taking more classes until I got a Ph. D. After getting my Ph. D. in economics I applied for a job here at CRC.  My Degrees in economics are from the University of California Riverside.  My research focused on the water transfer between Imperial Valley and San Diego. It looked at the effects of water transfers on profits for farmers, unemployment, and the environmental effects on the salton sea.  
I have been a tutor in math and econ for many years. I have taught econ for many years. The rest is history.
Professor Gregory Beyrer,
May 24, 2012, 12:48 PM
Professor Gregory Beyrer,
May 24, 2012, 12:48 PM
Professor Gregory Beyrer,
May 24, 2012, 12:52 PM