Dyan Pease

Thursday - 10:45-11:45, Room 2

Student-Created Virtual Presentations for Online Classes

Outcomes for the Presentation

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to use Screen-Cast-O-Matic, a web-based, screen-capturing, application in their classes to promote student virtual presentations. 

By the end of this workshop, attendees will have knowledge of the Pecha Kucha presentation format and know how to implement it with Screen-Cast-O-Matic for outstanding student presentations.

How will students benefit?

If an instructor implements an assignment in class requiring the use of Screen-Cast-O-Matic and the structure model of Pecha Kucha, the students benefit in two ways:
1. students learn how to create a virtual presentation, which is a skill necessary for today's technology-driven jobs
2. students learn how to create a concise, six minute-40 second, presentation, which is a skill needed by every professional that presents information either in person on virtually

College and Department

Sacramento City College; Business Department


Dyan attended San Diego State University for both her B.A. and my MBA.  She traveled for a year internationally before embarking on a management career.  After ten years of management experience in the public and private sectors, Dyan switched gears and started teaching full time at Sacramento City College.  Dyan has taught for ten years at Sacramento City College.  She teaches face to face, hybrid and fully online courses in the Business Department.  Dyan has used the ideas presented in this workshop for a year and welcomes the ideas generated by the class to expand her use of the technology.