Judy Giering and Cory Schmitt

Friday - 9:30-10:30, Room 2

Instructional Design for Online Learning: Best Practices, Mobile, Video, Virtual Learning, and More

Outcomes for the Presentation

Representatives from Drexel University's Goodwin College will present an overview of the activities conducted by their Learning Technologies department. Specifically, Judith Giering, Associate Director of Online Learning, will provide insight into the instructional design process and how the team works with faculty to develop online courses using best practices and research-based design models. Cory Schmitt, Director of Learning Technologies, will share some exciting and innovating projects that the team is working on, ranging from Mobile Learning, Video, Virtual Learning, and more.

College and Department

Drexel University's Goodwin College

Bio - Judy Giering

Judith Giering is an experienced leader in the field of instructional design and online learning. Currently employed by Drexel University’s Goodwin College as Associate Director of Instructional Design, Judith and her team are responsible for the design and delivery of over 300 online and hybrid courses per quarter. Judith provides leadership in this effort by focusing on best practices in instructional design and online pedagogy. Additionally, she provides professional development to faculty and staff on designing courses and the pedagogies of online teaching. She has been a key contributor to the development of Drexel’s e-Learning Leadership program, designing and teaching courses such as “Technologies of e-Learning” and “Learning Theories for e-Learning.”

Judith has been recognized for her work by a nomination for the Drexel University President’s Award (2008) and receiving the Outstanding Online Instructor for Goodwin College (2010.) Judith has spoken at national conferences in the field including the Sloan Consortium’s International Conference and the American Association of Computing in Education’s Annual Conference, and contributes regularly to committees and professional development groups at Drexel University on the topics of instructional design and online learning.

Judith has an M.S. in Information Systems and will complete her Ph.D in Educational Leadership & Learning Technologies in June, 2012.

College and Department

Drexel University's Goodwin College

Bio - Cory Schmitt

Cory Schmitt has been working with cutting edge multimedia for 14 years. This experience has given him the opportunity to work on streaming media during its infancy as well as 360-degree, immersive video for the Sony PlayStation 2. In addition, Cory has operated his own video production company producing training videos, documentaries and marketing campaigns.

At Drexel University Cory works as the Director of Learning Technologies directing the deployment of close to 300 online courses per quarter while integrating rich media into the coursework. Additional projects include work on customized corporate learning portals, educational simulations, mobile applications, virtual conferencing and the National Constitution Center’s iPod Tours and Virtual Field Trips. Cory’s technical oversight of the Drexel School of Education’s US-China Virtual Symposium resulted in over 250 attendees from 5 continents and 75 countries.

Cory’s direction has resulted in several recent awards; The 2009 Drexel University President’s Award, an award for a medical simulation video for the US Army, and the inaugural Blackboard Collaborate Award. Cory regularly researches, publishes, and presents about Learning Technologies. He retains a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media and an Associates degree in Video Production.