Micah Orloff

Micah Orloff

Friday - 10:45-11:45, Room 2

Promoting Student Success: Enhancing the Teaching and Learning Experience with @ONE Professional Development

Outcomes for the Presentation

Bring awareness of available statewide training resources
   -Explain how @ONE Desktop Webinars can provide fresh and innovative ideas
   -Describe the @ONE Online Teaching Certification Program and the benefits to faculty
   -Introduce the @ONE Trainers Bureau for custom training to meet an institutions needs
   -Attendees will become aware of available statewide training resources and be inspired to interact with colleagues around the state, learn new and effective teaching and learning practices to enhance student success

How will students benefit?

Faculty and staff who participate in @ONE services will likely bring back effective practices to the classroom and enhance the student learning experience.
   -Better equipped and knowledgeable faculty and staff can streamline processes, increase student engagement, incorporate community college tested effective practices into their classrooms.

College and Department

@ONE, Mt. San Jacinto College


Micah is the Interim Co-Director of the @ONE Project, a technology training initiative of the Chancellor's Office charged with providing technology training to the faculty and staff of the 112 California Community Colleges in an effort to enhance the teaching and learning experience for students.
Professor Gregory Beyrer,
May 25, 2012, 7:49 PM