Norman Lorenz, M.Ed.

Thursday -10:45-11:45, Room 4

Using Rubrics for Successful Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes for the Presentation

By using the Desire to Learn (D2L) Student Learning Management System (LMS), participants shall be offered the following goals as outcomes to consider:
- The ability to create rubrics for discussion boards, drop box items such as research or written narrative work as a way to engage stronger student learning and participation
- Apply descriptions and analytic resources using rubrics for student success
- Evaluate the use of rubrics for the purpose of implementing student centered and project based initiatives across the curriculum of a course.

How will students benefit?

Student success shall be benefited by:

- Direct hands on materials that provide clear and concise measurement of course expectations across all student learning outcomes

- Indirectly while using the rubrics as a way to see how student centered and project based initiatives across the curriculum of a course can be transformed into career path development. Essentially this offers a graduate a visualization of how the  scholarly theory becomes practiced in the work force.

College and Department

Sacramento City College, Behavioral and Social Science


I am currently a tenured faculty Professor with Los Rios Community College District at Sacramento City College. As a current doctoral student with the University of California, Davis in Education Leadership, I reflect upon the areas within the education field, including , Visionary Leadership, Policy into Practice, Data for Decision Making, and Building Community in Diverse Society as embedded features of the course work I teach. I share my professional accomplishments along with my interests, contributions, and projected goals as a professional in this field stretching over 30 years. With the experiences I possess in business and reflective supervision and management, I have engaged these areas of expertise with the development and future leadership across the field of teacher education by and through the consistency of Montessori’s methodology working through my operational and managerial related values. Cumulatively, the use of Desire to Learn, D2L has become an integral part of the resources for students including the extensive use of rubrics for instructional success.