Sandy McKaig, Kathy Monaghan

Thursday - 1:30-2:30, Room 2

Go Live with CCC Confer: Your Students will Benefit

Outcomes for the Presentation

We will be demonstrating how we have used CCC Confer for office hours, pre-recorded sessions, and weekly lecture/participation sessions for our students.  There will be an emphasis on key components of CCC Confer including use of the white board along with powerpoint slides, sharing applications and documents, sharing control of an application with a student, and archive availability.

By showing how we have used CCC Confer, our goal is to pique our colleagues’ interest and motivate them to explore this free web-conferencing tool on their own.  CCC Confer has an online “Training Center” with variety of instructional tools and resources, including demo rooms and it is very user-friendly. 

Our workshop will include a role-play between professor (moderator) and student while interacting within CCC Confer. 

Equipment will involve two computers (1 is a tablet) and two ceiling projectors.

How will students benefit?

CCC Confer provides an interactive, virtual classroom for the hybrid or online student with archives for viewing or reviewing!  It provides a level “playing ground” where every student has a front-row seat and an equal opportunity to participate and learn!

It is versatile enough to deal with any subject matter, including ours - mathematics. It brings the subject matter and the professor right into our students' homes 24/7.  Students have the option to participate “live” in person during the session, view the recorded session via the archives 24/7, or both participate and watch later. They can take notes and print out the summary of notes based on whiteboard activity.  They can review the archived session and move forwards and/or backwards within the recording. They can ask and answer questions, raise their hand, show their approval or disapproval, be given control of an app or write on white board -- in short, they can participate!   In some cases, students that will not ask a question in class, will ask that question online.  The moderator has the ability to make the session as interactive as desired.

College and Department

ARC - Mathematics


Sandy and Kathy have been teaching web-enhanced and hybrid math courses (algebra and statistics) for several years. Kathy recently taught an online math course. They have been awarded several professional development leaves which always focus on a specific technology component to enhance the learning environment for the student. Recently, they developed and facilitated OCTAR (Online Communication Tools and Resources) which is an online workshop for educators  In addition, OCTAR has been approved by the district office for 1-unit of credit towards salary advancement.
Melissa Green,
May 17, 2012, 8:11 PM