Amanda Paskey and Shannon Mills

Friday - 2:45-3:45, Room 2

Click it! Teaching and Assessing Using Classroom Response Devices

Outcomes for the Presentation

-Introduce faculty and staff to classroom response systems
-Explore student engagement techniques using classroom response devices
-Incorporate assessment planning using clicker data collection to be used with existing classroom assessment techniques

We will demonstrate the use of i-clicker, or a type of classroom response device, and how it can be used as a classroom engagement and assessment tool.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from increased engagement in classroom activities and being able to inform their instructor on their current level of understanding for particular topics on an immediate basis. Student success is boosted by providing direct feedback to both the students and instructor concerning their success levels and understanding of course content.

College and Department

Cosumnes River College Anthropology


Amanda Paskey and Shannon Mills are professors of Anthropology at Cosumnes River College.  They have been using i-clickers in the classroom for 2+ years and have seen increased comprehension levels, more student engagement and instructor satisfaction as a direct result of implementing this new technology into their classrooms.

Professor Gregory Beyrer,
May 23, 2012, 9:35 AM