Sheley Little

Friday - 1:30-2:30, Room 4

Wiki Technology Strategies and the Student Learning Experience

Outcomes for the Presentation

I will introduce a wiki and provide explanation of what this technology tool can be used for in educational environments.

I will overview the research I have done in the last 2 years about using wikis in the classroom.

Attendees will be provided resources for reference to implement a wiki into their classrooms.

How will students benefit?

Exploration of the effects of student learning, and how the integration of technology provides relevance in supporting a student-centered learning environment, while aligning with pedagogic goals.

College and Department

SCC - Computer Information Science


Sheley Little is an assistant professor at Sacramento City College in the Computer Information Science department. She serves on the committees for Education & Information Technology, CIS Advisory, and the development of a Web Professional Academy at SCC. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Education Technology earned at Sacramento State.

For the past two years, Sheley has been researching some of the benefits of using a wiki in the classroom, and will share those findings in this presentation.