The Chat tool enables you to engage in real-time text discussions with your instructor or other students. This is often called a "chat room".
To access the Chat tool, click the Chat link on the navigation bar.
The navigation bar with the Chat link highlighted.

General Chats are public chats are automatically open to all users enrolled in the course. Most often your instructor will hold a General Chat for an online office hour.

Personal Chats are private and visible only to those users that the instructor has added to the chat room participants list. Your instructor may set up groups of students to collaborate with one another so then they would set up a Personal Chat. Also, your instructor could set up a Personal Chat for just one student.

Before Entering a Chat Room 
  • All users should click on Chat Settings BEFORE entering the chat room for the first time as indicated by the first red arrow below.
The Chat List window.

As pictured below:

  • Change your Alias to your name (rather than your user ID#
  • You can also choose an Alias color or style (bold or italic) so that your name stands out in the chat.
  • See the other optional chat settings.
  • Click on the "Save" button to save your settings
After you have saved your settings, you will be back to the Chat List to see all the chats created inside that course offering as pictured above.
To enter a chat room, click its name on the Chat List page.

    The Chat Settings dialog box where you can change how your name appears on chats among other choices.

    All user aliases currently in the chat room will appear on the left as pictured below. To begin chatting, type in the text entry field at the bottom. Press the Enter key, or click the Send button. See below.
    Using the chat feature in D2L.

    When you are finished chatting, click on the Exit Chat button on the bottom left of the chat window as pictured above.