Instructors may include the Checklist feature in their class as a way to highlight important, or required assignments, readings, or other items for you to complete. See the video at the bottom of the page for detailed instructions.

Click Checklist on the Navigation bar to see a list of Checklists that your instructor has provided for you.

The navigation bar with the Checklist link highlighted.
The Checklist is not only for you to check off completed assignments, readings, and quizzes, but sometimes it is a requirement. Some instructors have it set up so that if you do not mark an item as completed, other course content, or checklist items, might remain invisible to you. Be sure to read instructions from your instructor carefully.  Compare the Checklist to the course syllabus, and ask your professor if the lists do not match. It could mean that you did not complete an assignment. Click on the current week or unit link, select the items that you have completed and click Save. When you open your checklist, it may look similar to the following:
The Checklist windows.