The Classlist link is made available in some classes, but some instructors choose not to use it. This will vary from course to course.  From the Classlist window, you can see the names of your classmates and your instructor, and communicate with them from here through email and through the pager tool. See the video at the bottom of this page with detailed instructions.

The navigation bar with Classlist highlighted.


Emailing from the Classlist
D2L has its own built-in email capabilities. To send email from the Classlist, click the checkbox beside a name and click the email icon at the top of the list of names.
The classlist window with recipient checked for sending email.

From the Classlist you can also see your classmates' Profile by clicking on their image, and their Homepage, if they have added this information in D2L.

Sending Email
  • Each instructor will have guidelines for the subject line for your email messages. Follow their requirements. D2L allows you to attach files to an email message as well.
  • It is a good idea to send a copy of any email to yourself.
  • After the email window opens with the To field filled in, type your email address in the Cc field.
Sending an email from the Classlist.

Using the Pager from the Classlist
Pager tool is both an "not-quite instant message" and it is a one-to-one conversation tool. While this tool may work for you, be sensitive to the communication preferences of your classmates.

The Pager tool is often blocked during quizzes. If you do not finish a quiz and submit it, then the Pager block will remain in effect, even next semester.

From the Classlist window, if a person is also working in D2L, a green dot appears beside their name. If you know they will respond to a D2L Page, you can check the name of a classmate on the Classlist and then click the Pager link to write them a short message.

Sending a page from the Classlist.

A simple message box will open as pictured below. Type your message and then click "Send".

The simple pager dialog box.

The message will be delivered in three to five minutes. If you are paging, click the Pager link, if available in the navigation bar as pictured below.

Accessing the Page from the navigation bar.

You can also click on the messages icon on the MiniBar to access the Pager as pictured below.

The Pager link from the MiniBar Messages icon.

Both of the above methods for accessing the Pager pull up the Pager dialog box which has other features that you can explore as pictured below. You can even create your own "Friends" list of classmates that you like to page often.

The Pager dialog box.

Hide Your Online Status
If you want to appear "offline" in all Classlists, from the My Home Page > Account Settings scroll down to the "Signing In" heading and click the radio button "Always appear offline" and then click "Save" or "Save and Close". Classmates will not see that you are online in any of your classes. See the image below. 

Changing your Classlist status to Always appear offline.