There are numerous ways to communicate using D2L. Among them are emailing your classmates or instructor from the Classlist, using the Discussion Forums, using the Pager, and using Chat.


iMail is the email system used by D2L for communication between instructor and students. From inside D2L, you also can email other users by clicking on their name anywhere that it appears as a link. This will open an email window in D2L that will send to students' and instructors' email accounts. If the Classlist is accessible, you can find those links there.

Check your campus iMail account for messages, set a forwarding email address within your account.

Email Your Instructor
The Course Homepage may also have a contact box so you can easily email your instructor. Some classes display a link to the Classlist and you can select your instructor's name to write an email related to class activities. Be sure to add the course name to the Subject line of your message and sign your name before sending.

Image D2L classlist with instructors name for email

Setup a Signature for Email
Save time and help your instructor and peers. You can easily edit the signature in each email so include important information. From the My Home page look on the left side for the link to Profiles > Email tab In the Email Signature field add your full name and the semester on two lines.
Here is an example signature:
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Full Name 
Fall 2011 Semester

Update your signature at any time.
When an email window opens, your signature is automatically included. By including the current semester, you are reminded to update your signature when it is out-of-date. 

Discussion Forums
If your class uses the Discussion Forums, you can post or reply to all participants in the Topic. You can also click on participants' names and send them email. Be sure to add the course name to the Subject line of your message and sign your name before sending.
The Pager is an instant-message (IM) type tool. It is in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, on your "My Home" page.  The page that lists all your classes you are enrolled in.  Some people use it, and others are annoyed by the interruptions. Please be sensitive to the communication style and preferences of others. For additional information see the Pager details page.