Below is what most course Content pages look like. You will use this page to access many of your course activities, assignments, documents, etc. Be sure to look it over carefully and often.

Accessing content on the D2L Content page.


Some links open in new browser windows so you can keep an eye on the class web site while you are reading the reference material. If you find links do not automatically open in new windows, try this keyboard trick: on Windows hold down the Shift Key and click the link, on Macintosh hold down the Command Key and click the link.

Document Tools
Once you have clicked on a document to view it, some tools appear that have icons to (at the top) Add Bookmark or View content in a new window, (at the bottom) Zoom In or Zoom Out, and Download, which is good for saving or printing. Also, note the slide-out panel which allows you to scroll between course modules. See the screen shot below:

Anatomy of a document in Content.