Your instructor may have you submit assignments through the Dropbox. Students upload files to the Dropbox and are able to retrieve corrected homework through the same process. See the video at the bottom of this page with detailed instructions.
Click the Dropbox link on the Navigation Bar.

The navigation bar with the Dropbox link highlighted.

Or the Dropbox link may be found under the Assessments group link as shown below:

The navigation bar with the Dropbox link highlighted.

Then, click on one of the Dropbox Folders to view your instructions and to submit your file(s).

Click on an assignment that is due in the Dropbox.

Follow your instructor's instructions. If noted, be sure that you have saved your file in a format that your instructor has requested.
Click Add a File.

Click Add files to upload to the Dropbox.

Now, click Upload and navigate to where you saved your file. Select it, and click Open.

Adding a file using the Upload link.

You can click Upload again to add more files, then click on the Done button as pictured below.

Click the Done button after selecting your files.

After clicking on done, you still have the option to add more files. Also, you can make an audio recording for your instructor to hear. You can also just type a simple comment if you wish as pictured below. VERY IMPORTANT: You must click the "Submit" button to complete the upload.

Getting ready to click the final submit button after uploading files to the Dropbox.

Once you have submitted a paper to the Dropbox, you will receive a "File submission successful" message with other details of your upload as pictured below.
File submission successful message.

Deleting files:
 If you uploaded the wrong file, contact your instructor. Students cannot delete files in Dropbox.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Always keep a copy of your original class assignments. Each semester, create a folder on your computer to store class material, your work and any returned graded work. Also,at the end of the semester, be sure you have downloaded any returned documents from your professor because the course will be closed once final grades are turned in.