The Help Desk staff can help with technical issues like logging in and viewing or downloading files. The help desk cannot reset your password or help find your student ID. Your instructor can help with course content, assignments, quizzes and grades.

D2L Known Issues
There is now a "Known Issues" site for the current version of D2L. This web site tracks known issues with Desire2Learn. If you are having problems, check this site to see if this is a known issue in Los Rios. There is also a list of issues related to a number of browsers and their various versions. This site is updated frequently.

Where Trouble Often Begins
D2L, Gmail, and eServices are online website links. If you cannot get to these websites, be sure your Internet connection is working by visiting other new websites (read the top news article at Google News, for example). If new sites appear on your computer then your Internet service is working. Try to access the services again, because the delays could be due to an occasional online traffic jam. If an error page or message appears, make note of the error message. Now continue reading about contacting the Help Desk. 

The Help Desk is currently staffed Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.. excluding District holidays. Messages received after hours will receive a response the next business day.  We actively update this website to be sure it answers the questions student have most often. It is a good idea to keep your instructor informed when you are having difficulty with D2L's features. 

Get Ready for Helpers to Help You
Please review the pages on this site before contacting the Help Desk. Remember to run the System Check for each computer you use for D2L, and use Firefox as your browser. If you have thoroughly examined the support materials and you are still having difficulties you have two options for contacting the Help Desk, by phone or by email.
  • Whenever you contact the help desk, have the following information available. You might reference the class syllabus or the Course Home page for this information
  • Your full name as a registered student and your Los Rios Desire2Learn login name,
  • The name of your course,
  • Your instructor's name,
  • Your instructor's email address,
  • The specific details of the difficulty you are experiencing using Los Rios Desire2Learn,
  • How you are connecting to the Internet (campus, work or home computer, your Internet Service Provider)
Contacting the Help Desk by Phone
To contact the Los Rios eLearning Help Desk at our toll-free phone number, call


The system will direct your call to the first available Help Desk staff member.

Contacting the Help Desk by Email
It is important that you provide as much information as possible when submitting a problem so we can track down the issue.

First open your campus Gmail email program.
  • Address the message TO:
  • The Subject line should be: D2L Help Needed for ..." with the class name.
  • Paste the appropriate text from below the image
  • Fill in the details of the problem, your instructor and your contact information
  • Add your instructor's email address in the CC email field
  • Send the email
  • Confirm the email was sent by viewing your Sent Messages folder
Contacting help for D2L by email.
Copy the appropriate following text to an email message:
  • Difficulty with the following feature (be specific):
    • Logging into D2L 
    • Forgot password / password reset questions 
    • Name the Content Document
    • Name the Dropbox Assignment 
    • Name the Quiz 
    • Name the Grade item 
    • Name the Discussion Topic 
    • Other problem or expectation 
  • Provide:
    • Instructor Name  
    • Class Name 
    • Your Full Name 
    • Student ID/Login 
    • Cell phone number 
    • Best time to contact you 
    • Alternate email address
You will hear back from the Help Desk in within 12 hours.