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D2L My Home
This is the page you see after logging into D2L. There are two areas on this page, the top navigation and banner area and the Content area below.

My Home page has three important areas:

My Home in D2L.
My Settings (Information about you):
Profile: Add a photo and a nickname.
Account Settings:
Add an email signature, set online status, among many other options.
Notifications: Set these up for an email or text to notify you when important due dates are coming up!
My Courses  (Shows a list of your classes):
Shows a list of your current active classes.
News shows current announcements, dates for system maintenance, and other important information for all users of the D2L system.

In the top area there is a thin band that includes links and below the band is the Los Rios Community College District banner. At the top left corner is the My Home link which always returns you to this page. Below the course banner, at the far right, click on the down arrow beside your profile picture to access the Logout link.

Add a Personal Profile and Email Signature
It is a great idea to post a picture of yourself so that your classmates and instructor know what you look like in an entirely online class. To do this, use the Profile link.

The location of the Profile menu on the home page in D2L.

To save time when composing emails from within D2L, add an email signature from the Account Settings > Email tab.

The location of the Account Settings on the Home Page in D2L.
Setup a Signature for Email
Save time and help your instructor and peers. You can easily edit the signature in each email so include important information. From the My Home page look on the left side My Settings area for the link to Account Settings. Click on it and then choose the Email tab. In the Email Signature box add your full name, the current semester, and other relevant information. Click the Save button to apply the changes. Your signature will be included on each email sent through D2L. For each message, you can edit information to add or remove signature text depending on where your message is going.

Add an email signature that will appear on all of your outgoing email from within D2L.
Here is an example signature:
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Full Name
Fall 2013 Semester

When an email window opens, your signature is automatically included. By including the current semester, you are reminded to update your signature when it is out-of-date.

Getting ready to compose an email with the email signature included.
NOTE: You can edit your email signature at any time.

These customized settings for student profiles apply to all of your D2L courses.