Start Here

Each semester students should review the information below:

  • Update your Los Rios Unified password (the password used for eServices). It is a good idea to change your password at least once a semester. You don't want to get caught with an expired password with a due date tonight! Your password automatically expires after 365 days. This is the number one reason students call the help desk.
  • If you add a class, and are not on the waitlist, use the permission number your instructor will give you in your eServices  account as soon as possible. If you are on the waitlist, you will need to drop the class first, and then add the class back with the permission number. Your name will be added to the class roster and D2L overnight and you will be able to login the next day. 
Image of the Los Rios eServices Web page.

  • All D2L email is sent to your Los Rios Gmail account. More information available at Los Rios Gmail Help
  • Check your email often when taking online classes.
D2L General
  • Check your web browser for compatibility with D2L. We have found that Firefox is the best browser for D2L.
  • Review your Preferences and update your Profile from your D2L Home page. Learn how to do this by clicking on the My Home link in the left column.
  • Scan through this help site and return to read updates.
  • Add the Help Desk phone number to your phone contacts. The toll free number is (855) 321-3232. For more information, please click on Help Desk in the left column.
D2L Courses
Most often, your online course will be available by the first day of class. Some classes have face-to-face orientations and some classes have online orientations. You will need to consult the online class schedule for your college to find out the date, time, and location of your orientation if it is face-to-face.

If you have been added to a class, use the Permission Number that your instructor gives you to enroll through eServices immediately. Then you will have access to your online class the next day.

  • Plan on exploring the each class site. Once you login to a course, click on every available link. For further information please click on Course Home in the left column.
  • Print the syllabus and the course schedule with due dates. 
  • Keep a calendar and notebook to track assignments and keep notes.
Your Computer
  • Create a new folder on your computer or flash drive for the current semester and then add new folders inside it for each class you are taking.
  • Keep copies of your submitted and returned graded work on your computer.
  • Download all returned assignments from the Dropbox in D2L at the end of each semester. Students will not have access to a class offered in a past semester.