Navigation/My Home

Your D2L class sites will have a navigation bar that is located below the college banner and contains links that, when clicked on, will take you to all of the areas of your course. The navigation bar appears on each page so that you can switch from area to area at anytime. See the video at the bottom of this page with detailed instructions.

The Course Home link always takes you back to your course homepage.

Image of the navigation bar with the Course Home link highlighted.

If you need to return to where all of your courses are listed click the My Home link on the top left of the window. Below is what the My Home link and the navigation bar look like on many course homepages. Some navigation bars look more like the one above.

Navigation bar in a course in D2L

Course Home Page
Your D2L class sites will have a Course Homepage with areas defined for
Instructor Contact information, News (or announcements), Updates, and more.

Below is a “Course Home” page. It’s the first page you see after logging into D2L and clicking on any of your courses. Here, you’ll find links to different areas in your course, general information about your course, or anything else your instructor especially wants you to see.

A D2L Course Home Page.