Self Registration

Special Course Offerings

Los Rios and certain Los Rios colleges have some special course offerings in which you may be asked to enroll, or you can enroll in them on your own. One very important offering you will need to enroll in is the Los Rios Online Orientation. It's easy to do - just follow these steps.

  1. After you have logged into D2L, from your MyHome page, click the Self Registration link in the top right hand corner as pictured below.

    The My Home page with the Self Registration link highlighted.

  2. Then select the course offering name as pictured below.

    The second step in self registration is to select the course you need to enroll in.

  3. The next window will be a Description box where you will click on the Register button as pictured below.

    Then click on the Register button from the Description dialog box.

  4. Then you will see the Registration Form box with your information and the opportunity to type a reason for your enrolling in the course. Type in your reason and then click the Submit button as pictured below.

    The Registration dialog box will open next with your information already inside the textboxes.

  5. Next you will see a Confirmation box where you will just click the Finish button as pictured below.

  6. As pictured below, in the Registration Summary dialog box, if you wish you can click on either "Go to course offering...." or "Register for another course". You courses will then be listed on your My Home page under My Courses to access later.  If you just want to end the the process click the Done button.

  7. Later, you can access the courses any time you log into D2L. Some courses will be under your Role as Student, and some courses you will have to change your Role to Member. See the pictures below.

    The Student role under My Courses.

    The Member role selected under My Courses.