FAQs - Web Enhanced Classes

This FAQ is divided into three sections: Questions from ... 1) Everyone, 2) Students in Online Classes and 3) Students in Web Enhanced Classes.

Questions from Students in Web-Enhanced Classes

Question: How much time do I have to spend online?
That is up to you.
  • Online time is not required for a web-enhanced class unless it is the delivery method for submitting homework or taking quizzes. 
  • Documents, resources and links are provided to supplement in-class learning activities.
  • Your instructor will be providing documents and resources online so that you can access them any time.
  • The online resources are often a fantastic addition to the course that could not be provided in other ways.
  • Drop by the library and talk with the reference librarians about your project or homework. They will often have suggestions for the best online sources.
  • Online searches are full of distractions. Balance your class time activities against the fun resources you find.
Question: Do I have to use D2L at a particular time?
No, probably not.
  • It’s important NOT to leave homework until the last minute then rush to submit it online.
  • You will have deadlines to submit homework through D2L features, but WHEN you complete that work is usually up to you.
  • Your instructor MAY require chat sessions or other real time activities.
  • If you have trouble connecting your home computer to the Internet, D2L or the course website, then your assignments will be probably be late. Plan ahead for technical difficulties! Use an on-campus computer lab or your local city library to submit homework.
Question: What Internet skills would be helpful in a web-enhanced class?
Email, Web Surfing and Searching, and word processing.
  • Know how to use a web browser.
  • Know how to use an email program.
  • Know how to make and organize bookmarks in your browser software.
  • Some familiarity with web-based interactions--bulletin boards, chat and mailing lists will also be useful.
  • Some familiarity with word processing.
  • Experience in successful Internet searches using a variety of search engines.
Question: What is Expected from students online?
Just like when you meet face-to-face, instructors expect that you will adhere to standards of:
  • Courtesy, Professionalism, and academic honesty.
  • Participate with appropriate consideration for each other and for the instructor.
  • Your e-mails and web postings should:
  • Be on the topic at hand,
  • Be appropriate and
  • Should reflect a professional demeanor.
Question: What is Online Etiquette?
Be a good online citizen by:
  • Identifying yourself by name in each email or posting.
  • Be supportive and constructive in your comments to each other.
  • Help and support each other.
  • Everyone will benefit from a positive online learning environment.
  • Read an article on Online Etiquette.
Question: What information do I need?
Your instructor will provide a course syllabus. Course Information will guide you and set your learning priorities:
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Expectations
  • Assignments
  • Due dates
  • How to submit assignments
  • How to label files
  • How to address your emails to the instructor
  • Grading Policies
  • Other course issues