Classlist - Pager

The Pager tool is both an "not-quite instant message" and it is a one-to-one conversation tool. While this tool may work for you, be sensitive to the communication preferences of your classmates.

It has two looks. One looks like an actual pager and that is when you are in the My Home page:
Image of what the page looks like when on your My Home Page in D2L.

The other looks like a comment bubble when you are on your Course Home page.
Image of what the page looks like when you are in a course in D2L.

Some instructors choose to not show the Pager tool in the class banner area. If the Pager icon is not visible in a class you cannot send instant messages to classmates or your instructor. Look for the email or chat options instead.

The Pager tool is often blocked during quizzes. If you do not finish a quiz and submit it, then the Pager block will remain in effect, even next semester.

If your class includes the Classlist link on the navigation bar, when you click on it and see a list of students, if a person is also working in D2L, a green dot appears beside a name if that person is currently online. If you know they will respond to a D2L Page, you can check the name of a classmate on the Classlist and then click the Pager button to write them a short message.
Image showing a selected user in the Classlist and how to click the page tool.

The message will be delivered in three to five minutes. For your classmate, they will hear a beeping sound and the Pager icon in the banner area will show "Page." Click the Pager icon to read and reply to almost-instant messages.

Set Up Personal Contact for Pager Messages:
  1. Click the Pager icon
  2. Click the Classlist link at the top of the box
  3. Check the name of a classmate to add to your Contacts List
  4. Click the green arrow to the right of their name
  5. Click Add to friends list
See the images below:

Image showing how to select friends to add to your friends list for the Pager tool.

Image showing how to add a friend to your friends list using the Pager tool.

Hide Your Online Status
If you want to appear "offline" in any Classlist, from the My Home Page > Preferences > General Preferences tab > click the radio button Always appear offline > Save. Classmates will not see that you are online in any of your classes. See the image below. 

Stop the Pager Sounds
If you are hearing audio alerts each time you click a navigation bar link, the Pager is trying to get your attention. Sometimes after you click the Pager icon you will get an error message referencing a past incomplete quiz. You will need to contact the instructor of that course and politely ask them to clear your quiz attempt. BUT that might not happen soon or at all. You can stop the noise. From the My Home Page > Preferences > Pager tab > choose No Sound from the pull-down menu > Save. See the image below.