Quizzes - Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that increases the security of online testing in Desire2Learn. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access a quiz, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, access other applications, or close a quiz until it is submitted for grading. Respondus LockDown Browser works much like a standard browser, but some options have been removed or work differently. If your instructor requires the use of this browser, you cannot use any other browser to take your quiz. The list below highlights some of these differences:
Modified Toolbar: The condensed toolbar includes only Forward, Back, Refresh and Stop functions.
Assessment Mode: Assessments are shown full-screen and cannot be minimized, resized, or exited until submitted for grading.
Disabled Controls:All printing, keystroke combinations, screen grab, function keys, and right-click menus have been disabled.
Links: Links to other web servers do not compromise the secure testing environment.
Blocked Features & Applications:
  • The Start button (Windows), system tray, and menu bars have been removed.
  • Screen capture, messaging, screen-sharing and network monitoring applications are blocked.
The Respondus LockDown Browser must be installed to each computer being used to take a quiz. Follow the instructions below to install the Windows or Macintosh version of the Respondus LockDown Browser. You will know that you must use it if you see the message highlighted below.

Link to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Click on the link [Download Respondus LockDown Browser] (pictured above) after you have entered your quiz.

You can also download the Respondus LockDown Browser here http://www.respondus.com/lockdown/information.pl?ID=427437827

Select the link for your operating system and continue to follow the directions for downloading:

The download options for downloading the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Respondus has made available videos on how to install the LockDown Browser (each link opens in a new browser window):
Further download instructions:
  • Windows computers:
    • During the installation, select "Yes" if prompted to accept programs from Macrovision and Respondus.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the install.

  • Macintosh computers:
    • Be sure that OSX 10.3.9 or higher is being used (512K RAM minimum).
    • During the installation, select "Yes" when prompted to run the Java application.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the install.
From a student’s perspective, this is how Respondus LockDown Browser is used to take an assessment.
  1. Locate the “LockDown Browser” shortcut on the desktop and double-click it to open it. (For Macintosh users, launch “LockDown Browser” from the Applications folder.)
  2. If prompted to close a blocked program (e.g. screen capture, instant messaging) choose "Yes" when prompted.
  3. Login to your Desire2Learn course using your regular student login.
  4. Navigate to the quiz and select the Start Quiz! link.
  5. Once a quiz has been started with Respondus LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the Submit Quiz button is clicked.

FAQ's about Respondus LockDown Browser:
  • I always use Mozilla Firefox, and I tried using it, but it would not let me take the quiz unless I used the Lockdown Browser. I cannot access any of the quizzes without using the lock down browser?
    • The LockDown Browser is its own browser, like Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The LockDown Browser is the only way to access a quiz/test when the instructor requires you to use it.
  • Lockdown Browser Stops Responding
    • If your Java is out-of-date, or has multiple installs, or if you lose your Internet connection, while taking an exam using the Lockdown Browser; the Lockdown Browser program, and possibly your computer, may stop responding or freeze. Currently, the only way to resolve this issue is to do either a soft shutdown (i.e. CRTL-ALT-DEL or go to Shutdown in Windows), or by doing a hard shutdown (i.e. Holding down the power button for 10 seconds, or unplugging all power from the computer, including power cables and/or batteries, if you are using a laptop) and then restarting your computer. Depending on your system, this could take several minutes.