System Check

Important Note: D2L generally works well with most browsers including Internet Explorer 10*, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. However, if you are having any problems accessing certain elements, we recommend that you always have an alternative browser downloaded that you may switch to should such a thing happen. Below are lists of websites that have alternative browser downloads.

*As of 01/2014, Internet Explorer 11 should not be used for D2L.

Run the D2L System Check right now. This link is always available from the D2L log in page. It is important to check that your web browser and computer are compatible with D2L features. This System Check is designed to ensure your computer system is properly configured for our web courses. It verifies your browser version, browser settings and the display settings on your computer.

Required checks include verifying JavaScript is enabled and supported by your web browser, cookies are enabled, and your computer's display is at least 800 x 600 screen resolution. The image below shows reports from two different browsers, one failed.

The system check window with all systems passed.

If your computer does not pass, use one of these links to download a current version of these web browsers:

For Your Computer Operating System:



Note: AOL's browser is not compatible with D2L. In the past, students used it to connect to AOL via a dial-up modem. Once they connected to AOL they could choose a different browser to log into D2L.

Class content is often presented using multimedia files or PDF documents. The following links will open to the free download sites:

Plug-Ins - Any OS - Desktops & Laptops
D2L Known Issues
There is now a "Known Issues" site for the current version of D2L. This web site tracks known issues with Desire2Learn. If you are having problems, check this site to see if this is a known issue in Los Rios. There is also a list of issues related to a number of browsers and their various versions. This site is updated frequently.

We are currently testing mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) for compatibility with D2L. So far we have found that reading online content and participating in discussions is possible, however submitting assignments to the Dropbox and taking quizzes is not recommended.