Dropbox - Turnitin

When you are submitting essays and papers to the Dropbox in D2L, your instructor may use Turnitin. Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection service. It compares your essays to a large database of writings and essays and looks for matching text.
When you are ready to submit your document to your instructor, go to the Dropbox per the Dropbox instructions from the previous section. You will know that your assignment has been enabled with Turnitin if you see the icon next to the folder that looks like an eye and binoculars.
A Dropbox item with plagiarism detection enabled.
Submit your file as you normally would.
If your instructor has enabled the folder so that you may view your own report, you can check the status of your file after it has gone through the Turnitin system. Give it at least fifteen minutes.
  • Go to Dropbox.
  • Scroll down to the folder to which you have submitted the.
  • Towards the right you will see Submissions Column. Click on it to see that status of the file.
Click on your submission to the Dropbox to view the originality report.

When the system is finished with your paper, and if your instructor has turned on the feature that allows you to see your own Originality Report, you will click on the area that shows a percentage and a color. Then it will take you to Turnitin's website. Once there, you will have to click the user agreement, and then it will show you the Originality Report.
REMEMBER: That is only if your Instructor has enabled that function. In the sample below, the Turnitin system has deemed this paper is 0% plagiarized. That's what you want to see!

A submitted paper with no plagiarism detected.
The image below is of a Turnitin Originality Report with a paper that is 30% plagiarized and what your instructor will also see.

Image showing the Turnitin website with a report.
With the "Originality Report" disabled your submission will look like a regular submission under your Submission History.
FAQ's about Turnitin:
What is Turnitin?
  • Turnitin (also known as Turnitin.com) is an Internet-based plagiarism-detection service used by our college for students to submit their essays which checks the documents for plagiarism.
How do students submit assignments to a Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folder in Desire2Learn?
  • There is no difference in the user experience for submitting files to Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folders versus regular Dropbox folders. Files are submitted by uploading a file. When the file is submitted, the the file is also submitted to the Turnitin server for processing.
How do I review the Original Report from Turnitin?
  • Only if your instructor has allowed you to see your Originality Report, and when a file is submitted and being processed by the Turnitin server, the Dropbox folder will show the submission with a status of "In-Progress". When D2L identifies that an Originality Report is available, the status changes to a graphic indicating the Originality Score. This graphic can be clicked to launch the Originality Report in a new window for viewing. If specified at the time of Dropbox folder creation, the same graphic will be exposed on the submitting user's view of the Dropbox submission.